The key word which is typical for high quality product level is reliability. The piston compressors Perfect are designed with a high level of engineering margins reserves. The compressed air delivery is provided by a low speed robust cast iron industrial pump. All fittings, coolers and nipples are dimensioned to avoid pressure leakage. The concept of the machine is suitable for a wide range of applications not only for industrial and machinery, even for professional work shops. The general characteristics of Perfect range are heavy duty machine, long life, low service cost which are the main benefits for the customers.

Common parameters of the serie:

  • Cast iron pumps
  • Fully automatic run
  • Overcurrent protection
  • After cooler
  • V belt transmission
  • Low speed machine
  • Optimal cooling system due to well dimensioned ventilator
  • Robust base plate
  • Easy handling
Type Perfect 3/150Perfect 3/270Perfect 3/270SPerfect 3PFTPerfect 4/150Perfect 4/270Perfect 4/270SPerfect 4PFTPerfect 4T/150Perfect 4T/300Perfect 4TPFTPerfect 5,5/150Perfect 5,5/270Perfect 5,5/270SPerfect 5,5/500Perfect 5,5PFTPerfect 7,5/500Perfect 7,5PFT Type
Rated air delivery [cfm]Rated air delivery [cfm]
Overpressure [bar]101010101010101012,512,512,510101010101010Overpressure [bar]
Overpressure [psi]145145145145145145145145181,3181,3181,3145145145145145145145Overpressure [psi]
Rated speed [1/min]11001100110011001100110011001100110011001100950950950950950920920Rated speed [1/min]
Dimension (LxWxH) [mm]1350 x 520 x 9501600 x 650 x 1050700 x 600 x 1750700 x 410 x 4501350 x 520 x 10001600 x 650 x 1100700 x 600 x 1800700 x 450 x 4701350 x 520 x 10001650 x 700 x 1100700 x 430 x 5301350 x 520 x 10501600 x 650 x 1130700 x 600 x 18501990 x 650 x 1300700 x 450 x 5301990 x 650 x 1350800 x 450 x 580Dimension (LxWxH) [mm]