Common parameters of the serie:

  • Continuous regulation of operation of the machine ideally controls the compressor output (by stepless change of speed) in dependence on the withdrawn amount of pressurised air. Contrary to other compressors of this class, the lower the air consumption, the lower the consumption of electric energy. In other words: Albert E. Vario always supplies as much air as you need. Energy is used in an optimal way.
  • Soft start does not strain electric network by current peaks when starting the electric motor. Especially for smaller fi rms this characteristic is an indisputable advantage, as it saves their cost of electric wiring.
  • By using a direct connection of the screw block with the electric motor you get rid of a number of diffi culties associated with V belts(frequent servicing and maintenance requirements – replacement, tensioning).
  • A higher reliability is achieved by reducing the number of movable components.
  • Vario avoids unnecessary idle running, which is the cause of lower energetic efficiency of classical compressors.
  • An optimal choice of various pressure alternatives 6 - 9 bar covers most of our customers’ technological requirements.
  • The machine set Albert E. Vario is less strained by restarting because all changes of speed and regulation are performed continuously and therefore in a more friendly way than in case of step changes of classical compressors.
  • The compressor may work with a smaller pressure tank because unlike in case of traditional compressors it does not have to utilise the necessary air reserves and at the same time it is able to work effi ciently with the air reserve contained in the distribution pressure system. Thus it decreases costs of installation of the compressor station.
  • Pressure in the distribution system is maintained at a constant requiered level no pressurising to higher pressure levels occurs as is the case of traditional compressors. Increased air pressure means diametrical increase in electric energy consumption.