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Atmos Chrást - compressor manufacturer

Tradition: we have been manufacturing compressors for over 50 years. We manufacture screw compressors for various branches of industry such as construction or power engineering. Our compressors are mobile, electric, locomotive, compressors tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and also generators and piston compressors.

Technology independence: thanks to our development department we have our own technologies and we design and construct our own air-ends.

Quality: we purchase key components for our compressors from world-renowned manufacturers such as Perkins, Kubota, Danfos or Siemens and we naturally offer servicing for all our products.

ATMOS: Constant speed mobile air compressors of up to 25mᵌ/minute

A portable compressor‘s quality, reliability and efficiency broadly depends on its prime diesel-drive engine. The introduction of StageIV diesel engines has made portable compressors much less robust. Substantially increased complexity of the machines and an increased amount of electronic controls and valves increase machine downtimes and cost of ownership. StageIV diesel engines must also be supplied with AdBlue liquid, which complicates the logistics around rental machines.
Based on the concept developed by Caterpillar‘s engine division, ATMOS have launched a new solution how to tackle StageIV emission compliance, avoiding all technical and monetary nuisances mentioned above.
Caterpillar‘s idea is based on constant speed engines, which are CE compliant because of the absence of emission creating changes in engine speed. ATMOS have designed the compressors with oversized engines, that work on the optimal point of fuel consumption on the engine speed curve. Due to high power margins the full load engine speed is only 1.800 rpm, which contributes to an outstanding compressor lifetime. At partial load, the machine can be operated in ECO-mode at 1.500 rpm’s which guarantees substantial fuel savings.
ATMOS produce two platforms, both driven by Caterpillar engines. The PDC90, equipped with CAT C4.4, has a free air delivery of 12 to 7,5 mᵌ/min at overpressures from 7 to 14 bar. The PDP190 that is equipped with CAT C 7.1 runs from 25,2 to 19,9 mᵌ/min at available pressure levels of 8,6/10/12/14 bar. All options are available for sand- and iceblasting, oil&gas, fibre-optic cable blowing and drilling.
The ATMOS constant speed concept, which is unique in the industry, offers several major advantages. The machine price is highly competitive versus StageIV machines. Aftermarket costs are significantly lower. Handling is much easier because only diesel needs to be refilled and not AdBlue. Fuel economy is very high because of low engine speeds. And the machine‘s weight below 3.500kg enables towing by SUV, which makes it more fuel efficient for the towing vehicle, a higher flexibility for rental customers, and the owner doesn’t need to pay for an expensive ABS system.

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16. 7. 2018

Service training in ATMOS

These days we have an electric compressors service training for our Belarussian dealer.

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24. 5. 2018

Book about history of ATMOS

The engineering company in Chrást was "born" in times of Habsburg monarchy, survived the Great War, developed in times of the First Republic, survived t

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31. 1. 2018

ARCHON successfully sold to Indonesia

The ARCHON master controller is a touchpanel and based on the highly successful SIEMENS Simatic S7-1200 industrial platform. It is designed to control 3,

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