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Atmos Chrást - compressor manufacturer

Tradition: we have been manufacturing compressors for over 50 years. We manufacture screw compressors for various branches of industry such as construction or power engineering. Our compressors are mobile, electric, locomotive, compressors tailor-made to the customer’s requirements and also generators and piston compressors.

Technology independence: thanks to our development department we have our own technologies and we design and construct our own air-ends.

Quality: we purchase key components for our compressors from world-renowned manufacturers such as Perkins, Kubota, Danfos or Siemens and we naturally offer servicing for all our products.

SMT and SEC have new control system

From the January 2017 we add to our machines Smartronic new control panel LOGIK 26-S. Same thing we will do for SEC from March 2017. You can find this control panel for almost half a year in Albert machies. This panel prove itself very well so we bring it in more machines.
Why is LOGIK 26-S better? First it makes your work easy with compressor. You have maintenance intervals under control, it has phase sequence, Frequency convertor function monitoring, show current overpressure and temperature and shows on/off load working hours. Version with integrated dryer shows online dew point of pressured air.
With this step we pushed Smartronic and SEC to new level of reliability and quality.

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31. 1. 2018

ARCHON successfully sold to Indonesia

The ARCHON master controller is a touchpanel and based on the highly successful SIEMENS Simatic S7-1200 industrial platform. It is designed to control 3,

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4. 12. 2017


In 2016 ATMOS supplied a set of five container compressor stations with a total output of 1,350 kW (five containers fitted with three compressors Smartro

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30. 10. 2017

Contracts with Azerbaijan customer

After a successful year trial operation, the customer from Azerbaijan ordered the second and then third compressor PDP95.

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